Why AngularJS ?

With AngularJS you need to write lesser code as it allows you to reuse components. Also, it provides an easy way of two-way bindings and dependency injection

As AngularJS is client-sided so all these things are happening in browsers, which gives you feel of standalone applications (Single Page APP).

Some of the reasons why I would prefer AngularJS or rather I say why AngularJS has become choice for the modern application architectures are described below:

1) You can create a Web Component (with angular Directives) and reuse it in application multiple times. Like a login-forms, Calender, googleMap as components. You don't need to reDesign/reCode. Just Code once and Reuse more :-)

2) You can bind data to any element in two ways, where two-way actually means changing data will automatically change element and changing element will change the data.

3) You can directly call the code-behind code in your html.

4) You can validate forms and input fields before submitting it without writing a single line of code.

5) Allows you to control complete dom structure show/hide, changing everything with AngularJS properties.

6) AngularJS allows you to write basic flow end-to-end testing, unit-testing, ui mocks.

In short, AngularJS provides all the features you need to build a CRUD application like data-binding, data validation, url routing, reusable HTML components and most importantly dependency injection.

comparison jQuery vs. AngularJS