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Angular 4 Learning

Angular is a structural open-source TypeScript framework for building dynamic HTML and CSS. Perfect for mobile optimized Single Page WebApps.

In my class-room training you will learn how to build fullstack architecture only using one-language for (DB+API+APP)


Open-source book about Angular

Free JavaScript books

javaScript on serverside

The first thing we have to understand is nodejs (javaScript on serverside) changing the way we develop web applications.

Why do we need javaScript on the server side, when we already have JAVA, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP and many other languages ?

Because, we are in 2016 and you only need to learn only ONE language to develop server, client, cross platform, IoT, anything

Today we are not only using just "plain old javaScript", moderne frameworks from Google like Angular 2 is changing the way we think of javaScript.
It's reccommended to begin learn EcmaScript 6 and TypeScript today and be ready to the future.

Nodejs support the future EcmaScript6/7

javaScript stack (nodejs)

Before starting with any web app project you need to setup your development environment to start using nodejs:

Everyone is installing nodejs the wrong way :-(

Please Re-install nodejs using node version manager


Today web developers use npm to install packages on server and client.

The most developers knows about npm install

if you want to develop angular, you need to install it using

npm install @angular/cli@latest --global 

if you maybe need jQuery (not reccommended anymore)

npm install jquery

There is more that just the npm-install Discover the essentials commands with npm

Google used Angular version 1 to develop version 2.
It's not a bad idea to learn Angular 1 first before starting with version 2.

So Angular 2 is also angular 1. You can run both versions side by side if you already have a invested time and money building angular 1.

EcmaScript / TypeScript

Before starting with EcmaScript, its reccommended to understand the different between EcmaScript 5 and 6

systemjs / webpack

You also need to choose between different module-loaders

systemjs (used at the beginnig of angular2 design fase)
webpack (reccommended by google with angular 2 final release)

using @angular/cli

The best way to start building Angular Apps is using "@angular/cli"

Angular Components

The web is more than just Angular ...